The Secret Weapon of Facebook Video Ads – Auto Audiences

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Facebook video ads are all the rage these days, and for good reason, cheap brand awareness and the rise of video views on Facebook overtaking Youtube.

The ability to target your ideal customer with an engaging piece of video content for pennies a view makes not having a Facebook video ad running the dumbest move in marketing going into 2016.

And as you can see below a lot of brands are getting in on the actions.

Even if the cheap views and great targeting of Facebook video ads were the only benefit that would be enough to make it a no-brainer.

But there is an even more delicious reason to start running a video AD on Facebook right away.

Automatic Facebook Custom Audiences!

That’s right when you run a video ad on Facebook, the platform will automatically create 2 custom audiences for you. The first is people who “viewed” the ad, meaning more than 3 seconds of the video. The second is people who completed the video and watched all the way to the end.


That is powerful stuff people!

The first list of so called “viewers” is powerful, but the custom audience of people who watched the whole video is a retargeting gold mine!

People flipping through their newsfeed have to be really in tune to your message in order to stop scrolling and watch your video all the way through. Most Facebook video ads are 30-45 seconds long, that is an eternity on Facebook.

Think about that, the average attention span online is about 7 seconds and you got someone to stop what they were doing and watch your video for 30 seconds or more, congrats, you have found an ideal prospect for you business.

What Makes Someone Stop and Watch a Video On Facebook?

The simple answer to that is it has to cover one or both of the 2 E’s of marketing; Educate or Entertain.

TO stop someone in their tracks, which is basically what you are doing when you interrupt someone’s newsfeed scroll, you need to move that individual to action.

If you are a big brand and want to build up brand awareness a funny and entertaining video a la “old spice” might be the tactic to get a 20 something male to sit and watch for 30 seconds.

However for most small businesses and startups the key to video engagement will be education. You need to solve their problem, or show the person you have a solution to their problem, and get that message across fast.

If you are wondering if people are really engaging with brand videos on Facebook, check out this stat Social Bakers cooked up from 2014:

“In December, Facebook videos received more than 80% of video all interactions.” -

So as a small business you need to start thinking about how you can get a piece of that interaction.

Use Classic Retargeting Strategies With Your Facebook Video Custom Audiences

Let’s say you ran a video ad to cold traffic to increase awareness for your bike shop. The video needs to grab attention so you create something about how often you should get a tune up to keep your bike running smooth. Or something a long those lines, remember we are looking to grab attention through education.

After a few days you log into your power editor and see your 2 custom audiences titled “Video Engagement”.

Facebook Video Ad Engagement audiences

The numbers for video views are awesome, but that could be anywhere from 3 - 20 seconds watched, you are not really sure how interested that party is just yet, so we will let them chill out for right now.

The other list has a a couple hundred people in it that watched your video all the way through.

Because you did your targeting right on the front end you know these people are in your shop's geographic reach and are among your target demographics.

Combine that with the fact that they really engaged with your content, this would be a great time to give them a reason to visit the shop.

Retarget Your Completed Video View Audience

Let’s create an ad that keeps with the theme of the video. How about a $10 off your next bike tune up?

Create the ad, a landing page with a name and email opt in to get the coupon, and set the audience in your ad set to the Video Engagement - watched entire video custom audience.

You already showed these people a video of how often they should tune up their bike, and now you give them an incentive to come in a get that done...look at you Mr. Bike Shop marketing pro!

Video Retargeting Vs. Website Retargeting With Facebook

Now the strategy above is not earth shattering it is a pretty basic lead generation retargeting funnel. But what is the advantage of doing this with a Facebook video ad vs. a regular post or image ad sending them to your website?

That’s easy...cost!

Say you run a similar campaign except the first ad you send to cold traffic about bike tune ups sends people to a blog post on your site. While it is awesome to drive traffic to your blog, and you can definitely have calls to action to get them on their list right then and there, but it probably won’t convert very high.

The other issue, even if you are getting great CPC (cost per click) it is probably costing you somewhere between $.25-$1.00 a click for the initial ad just to get them on your Facebook custom audience.

With a Facebook video the cost for a 10 second view is around $.03 -.10!

If we do the math on one recent video campaign that is only a couple of days old the cost for a 100% view is around $.20.

That’s a cheap pixel right there!

What To Do About The Standard Views Audience?

It seems easy to find a good  retargeting ad strategy for the completed views audience, but what about just the standard video views audience?

They didn’t watch the whole video, but they may have watched some and therefore have been exposed to our brand. This audience is going to need some more buttering up.

We need to test this audience's true interest in our product or service and see if we can further their engagement with our brand. Now is not the time to send them directly to a lead magnet, although we could test that with a small budget if we were feeling aggressive.

What we want to do is expose them to more of our informational content. Either a second video or maybe a good in depth blog post with relevant information.

I like the blog post idea, let’s change up the media and see if that converts with this group better, plus we are getting a small “yes” to the question of interest just by getting them to click through to our website.

Now earlier in the post we said one of the biggest advantages of building a custom audience with a video rather than a blog post was the cost. So why are we not taking our own advise and doing another video ad?

Well, maybe this group of people don't want to, or can't watch a video on Facebook. Maybe they want to consume the information in a different manner?

Yes, this retargeting funnel will be a little more expensive than the completed views audience, but that does not mean we are just going to let them go! ​

Here is a Snapshot of the Video Views Audience Funnel​

Facebook video engagement retargeting

All we have done is basically extend the marketing funnel a little for the people who did not watch 100% of the video. We tested their true interest in our brand by seeing if they would click thru an add to a blog post before sending them to our lead magnet.

This warmed them up a little more and made them more likely to convert on our opt in offer.

Video Plus Retargeting Gives Room For Creative Marketing

Facebook custom audiences give you all kinds of creative marketing tactics you can use to engage potential customers with your business, and Facebook video ads may be one of the most cost effective ways of filtering out your target market from the masses of Facebook users.

How about you, have you tried Facebook video? What has been your experiecnce, let us know in the comments section below.

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