Testing Your Facebook Target Audiences The Smart Way

Facebook ads audience testing

​In recent weeks I have had to opportunity to talk to a lot of people who are just getting started out with their Facebook ad campaigns. As I had these conversations there was a troubling commonality between a lot of the people I spoke with.

 So in this post I wanted to pop in and talk quickly about 1 mistake I see a lot of people making when they are starting with Facebook Ads. It all has to to with target audience testing.

Taking the time to research your different targets is essential to Facebook ads and I think most everyone gets that. The problem I see when talking to folks comes when trying to test which audiences are actually going to work for your campaigns.

If you group 5, 6, or 10 target audiences into 1 ad set, how do you know which one is working and which one is bringing down your metrics?

The answer is ....you don't.

You need to split these targets up into separate ad sets. Say you are targeting other Facebook pages, take each targeted page and put it into a different ad set and run 2 or 3 of them at a time (whatever you budget allows for) and see which one wins out after about 2-3 days. Then take the winner and run it against 1 or 2 more different audiences, from there start to create a list of your top performers.

I like to have a spreadsheet with all my targets listed and when testing I fill in all the metrics for the audience and sort them by performance (either CTR% or Cost Per Lead).

I recommend doing this kind of testing with ads to your 'READ MAGNET' , not direct to an opt-in or sales page, using a Clicks to Website or Page Post Engagement campaign objective. Just make sure you have your Facebook pixel installed on your site and your website custom audiences set up so you can retarget to those click through s later.

Why test your audiences on a clicks campaign? Why not see if they convert right off the bat?

Because of a couple reasons, first reason is $$$.

A lot of the times your cost per click on a good website clicks campaign will be under .20 , one of my clients has a recipe on her blog that we have been running .05 clicks to consistently for weeks now.

This allows us to drive more traffic, get more data, a lot cheaper than a conversion campaign which can have clicks around .25 - .70 cents with similar audiences.

So for .05 we get to place a pixel on that person and add them to our re-targeting list, priming the pump for our conversion campaign!

But it also gives you cheap data

This will give you a much clearer picture of the audiences that are going to resonate with your message, which will help lower your cost per lead when it comes time to run your opt-in campaigns.

Now this isn't a hard rule that you need to have 1 audience per ad set, but I think for those just starting with ads and with a new campaign, this is the simplest way to help identify what segments of your audience responds best to your messaging.

Don't Leave an Opt-in Chance on The Table

Even though we are not running a conversion campaign when doing audience testing, and content amplification ads does not mean we miss out on an opportunity to get the visitor on our list.

no no no...

Always strike while the iron is hot my friends.

The blog post or content piece you are sending traffic to shouldn't just be any old post. It needs to be strategic. When you are learning about funnels you often here people like Jill and Josh Stanton talk about splintering.

This is the tactic of taking a small piece of you offer and turning that into a lead magnet, then taking a small piece of your lead magnet an turning that into you blog post or READ MAGNET.

This helps form congruence throughout your funnel.

The read magnet should be actionable and deliver a quick win or Ah-ha moment for the reader. This is will prove your authority, introduce yourself to the new prospect and begin the warming of the lead.

We want them warm because warm leads convert on conversion campaigns.

So I hope this gives you a good idea of how you should go about testing your audiences in an affordable and strategic way.

Jay Broyer

Hi I'm Jay the founder of Sellabletraffic.com , I been involved with small business web design and brick and mortar digital marketing since 2009. I cut my teeth in online marketing promoting my solo music career and brought those skills to my 9-5. Now I want to help other small businesses get ahead using paid traffic strategies.

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