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Even though the implementation has been sloppy, I believe out of all the marketing I have done for the hot tub store, Facebook has been the most efficient way of getting spa buyers into our showroom. This is based on customer feedback and the amount of website traffic we have driven for the money. We send WAY more traffic to our website through Facebook ads than google Adwords and pay less.

How qualified that traffic was is another thing, but now there is a strategy built on data that we can use to spend our ad budget wisely.​ The meat and potatoes of that strategy is the lead funnel. The series of steps a potential buyer goes through to become a lead.

As you read the post below we will be diving into our basic lead funnel blueprint for our hot tub store case study. Before you start building ads, writing email autoresponders​, or even designing a landing page you need to have the funnel mapped out. 

The problem with the previous Facebook ads strategy is there was no system in place to handle the traffic we were sending to our site. We needed a way to turn that Facebook ad traffic into leads we can market to and turn into buyers.

One thing to remember about this product is it has a long buying cycle. We need to account for that when building our lead funnel.

Also based on our geographic reach being limited we have to assume there is only a small market of active hot tub buyers at any one time. Because of this we need to focus a lot of our campaign on building desire and awareness.

Knowing that, the best plan is to base the ads campaign around content, blog posts, videos, ect that will pique the prospect’s interest and get them to click to the website to see what's up.

Once that person clicks the ad and goes to the blog post, we pixel them using our Facebook Custom Audience Pixel code, and put them in a Facebook custom audience which will allow us to market to them again and again.

Our Simple Facebook Funnel Looks Like This

This represents the basic strategy of using conversion pixels to build audiences of people who may be more interested in buying a hot tub.

Send cold traffic to helpful or interesting content on the blog or even a video ad that has to do with hot tubs. For example: How much does a hot tub really cost? How a hot tub can help you sleep? 10 Awesome hot tub installations for backyard inspiration ...ect

Expand on Your Funnel

When you are just starting out with a funnel based lead campaign it is important to keep it simple, but the above may be a little too simple.

What if the person we pixel-ed on the blog post clicks on the ad to download the free brochure but does not opt in? They have shown a higher level of interest by not just clicking on 1 ad but clicking on 2, we can’t just abandon them because the didn’t want to give us their name and email.

This is where we create another custom audience of people who go to our optin landing page but don’t convert. We can then send them ads to the opt in page again, or change our strategy and send them back to another piece of informational content to warm them up a little more.

Remember a hot tub can cost upwards of $10,000, it is a big purchase and most consumers are going to do a lot of research before the plop down that kind of cash.

A simple funnel like the one above will create leads, but it is a little thin for a long big ticket buying cycle.

Why not send them to a video showing how our team delivers and sets up a hot tub delivery, or another blog post going over the 7 benefits of hot tub ownership?

We are still at the early stages of the funnel and need to build trust. Consumers don’t just give out their name and email to anyone, and they certainly don’t give $10,000 to just anyone.

Long Buying Cycles Need Deeper Funnels

The longer the buying the cycle the more touch points your funnel is going to need.

I know no one wants to waste ad spend just sending the same prospect to content over and over again, you want to see that ROI, but remember we already did the math and know what our CPA (cost per acquisition) should be, and it is in the hundreds of dollars.

We have some wiggle room in our ad spend to nurture these leads a little more than if we were trying to sell a $150 online course of $50 ebook.

Know Your Product and Know Your Customer

A sales funnel has in single minded goal, to make sales, get a cold prospect who has never heard of you before and make them want to buy from YOU. In my 15 years of b2c sales one thing has been made abundantly clear, people buy from people.

When you are designing your funnel you have to think of the prospects as people, every ad you write, every email you send needs to be directed at the one person.

Your Simple Funnel Action Plan

Step 1. - Create a piece of engaging content on your site. ie: Blog, Video, Infographic, ect

Step 2. -  Create a lead magnet to get visitors to opt in. ie: free ebook, buyers guide, discount, ect)

Step 3. - Set up your custom audience pixel and conversions with Facebook Power Editor​

Step 4. - Create your content ads inside Facebook power editor - let them run for a few days

Step. 5 - Once your custom audience reaches at least 20 people Facebook will allow you to start targeting them with ads. So set start running the retargeting ad to your landing page to get opt ins to your lead list.​

Step 6. - Let your ads run for 5-7 days and review your metrics to see how your ads are performing. Then make adjustments​

Like above, your lead or sales funnel will and should start out simple, see how prospects work through it, but you should always be thinking about ways to build on it. Think about every step in your buyer’s journey, put yourself in their shoes and deliver the right message at the right time.

Build trust, become an authority through you content based retargeting, and the leads and sales will follow.

This of course is just the tip of the Sales Funnel iceberg. In the next post we will break down the back end of the funnel, our email autoresponder and how we will take the warm leads who opt in and turn them into red hot buyers.

Check out this quick video on setting up your custom audience inside Facebook Power Editor

This post is all about laying out and planning a simple Facebook leads funnel for your business.  We will go more in depth into the technical aspects of setting all this up in future blog posts. Right now it is important to understand the strategy. This is a building block to creating a successful leads campaign.

Jay Broyer

Hi I'm Jay the founder of , I been involved with small business web design and brick and mortar digital marketing since 2009. I cut my teeth in online marketing promoting my solo music career and brought those skills to my 9-5. Now I want to help other small businesses get ahead using paid traffic strategies.

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