11 Awesomely Actionable Facebook Ads Posts From 2015

Awesome Facebook Ads Posts from 2015

As 2015 comes to a close it is good to take a look at our collective learnings as we prepare to dominate 2016  with our business goals. In the spirit of reflection here are 11 great blog posts from the past year all about Facebook advertising, from some of the industries leading experts!

1. Jon Loomer Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead ADs By Jon Loomer


This was a post before Lead Ads went live and Jon already had a well thought out, in depth post to get marketers thinking about this new platform.

When Lead Ads went live Jon put together another post doing a deep dive into setting up lead ads in power editor: http://www.jonloomer.com/2015/10/07/facebook-lead-ads-2/ . That post walks you step by step on how to set up a Lead Ad on Facebook.

Yes number 1 is actually 2 posts, but the work together!​

Want even more on Facebook Lead Ads from Jon Loomer he has a free ebook on his site all about it, so make sure to check that out.

2. Rick Mulready: - Education Based Marketing

RIck Mulready Education Marketing


This is a shorter post and more of a thought on ad theory than anything else. However I like how Rick is really cluing us in to how he approaches his overall facebook ad strategy. Thinking about every part of your potential customer’s journey and where they are at in their buying cycle is important.

Also it is important to think of your prospect's mind set when on Facebook. Grab their attention with a solution to a problem, not direct promotion.

3. Neil Patel - Beginners Guide To Facebook Ads That Convert


Neil Patel blows the doors off with actionable step by step content, as he always does in this lengthy how to guide for Facebook ad newbies.

A great part of the post is where Neil goes in depth into landing pages and how they will affect your conversion rates. It is a huge part of the Facebook Ads puzzle and Neil gives lots of examples.

Make sure you grab some coffee and get comfortable as it is a long post and you may want to take notes!

4. Keith Kranc Dominate Web Media -  Facebook Advertising Tips

Keith Kranc Facebook Ads Tips


Keith is sort of a Facebook Ads savant. This link brings you to a post that is sort of a collection of posts all packed with awesome insights and actionable Facebook Ad’s tips.

The Ungated Content Case study with his client Betty Rocker is a great read and packed with awesome information for creating a lead based campaign.

5. Social Media Examiner  - Optimize Your Facebook Ads

15 Ways to optimize your facebook ads


When you talk about social media marketing, paid or not Social Media Examiner is a must visit resource. In this post from early 2015 Alberto Baldassarre goes into high level ad testing and optimization strategies to increase your ROI.

Because the Facebook user base is so vast and their algorithms are so advanced, with enough planning and time you can target the perfect audience, and find the perfect ad to show that audience.

This type of advanced filtering and testing is crucial when trying to get the lowest costs per lead and increase your companies ROI from Facebook.

6. Adspresso - Facebook Video Ads Weapon

Facebook Video ADs Weapon ADespreso


If you have not noticed, Facebook video is surging even challenging Youtube for views. If you are not using Facebook video ads to grow your brand awareness you are missing out on some of the cheapest impressions in marketing!

Adespresso takes a deep dive into creating and optimizing video ads for Facebook. They show a lot of examples of ads in action to give you and your business some creative inspiration.

7. Kim Garst -15 Simple Powerful Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Powerful Ways to Optimize Facebook Ads


Kim Garst is all about dropping serious social marketing knowledge bombs on all things social.  While this post is geared more towards new Facebook advertisers, there are great insights and actionable tips for anyone looking to step on the gas to drive their Facebook marketing forward.

8. Kane Jamison Mozblog - 10 Things I've Learned While Learning Facebook Ads


“I'm obsessed because I'm convinced Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful tools we currently have as digital marketers.” - Kane Jamison

Kane brings us a great perspective on someone learning the Facebook Ads platform, and the takeaways of a FB ads newbie.

He points out some of the lesser known gotcha’s of Facebook ads. One of the simpler insights but crucial takeaways is regarding location targeting for small businesses.

Understanding what it means in Facebook to target by geography is important, as it can be easily misunderstood.

Update: Just found this Awesome Guide By Kane Jamison on Facebook Ad Targeting!


First off the formatting of this post is amazing, it really displays the information in a really easy to digest manner. On top of that the amount of gold mine information included in this post on Facebook Ad targeting options is absolutely incredible.

This is the type of epic content bloggers wish they could make.​

9. Wp Curve Blog - Facebook Ads Case Study

wp curve facebook ads blog


Dan Norris started his productized service business WP Curve to help businesses with 24/7 tech support for wordpress. However the blog over a wpcurve has got great information on many aspects of running an online business, and is worth reading through.

One such post is a great case study of another well known productized service business Design Pickle, and how they used Facebook Ads to grow their monthly subscription design business.

10. Hubspot  Amanda Sibley - 10 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work


Not only does Amanda Sibley show you screen shots from real Facebook ads, she shows you almost every type of Facebook Ad you can run and how you should run them.

The post is a very simple overview that is great for people just learning the Facebook Ads platform. However the ad examples are good study for experienced marketers as well. The more ads you see and disect the better your own Facebook marketing campaigns will become.

11. Aaron Zakowski - Facebook Ads For Ecommerce

facebook ads for ecommerce


Aaron Zakowski is a Facebook Ads power hitter. In this post regarding Facebook Ads for ecommerce Aaron gives short and sweet but extremely actionable advice to the ecommerce world.

A great tactic Aaron goes into is about using custom audiences to strengthen the relationship with your current customer base. Facebook is all about relationships and communicating with people. This is also true for businesses, find your loyal audience and find ways to get them buying from you over and over again.

Grow Your Facebook Ads Knowledge In 2016

​Small businesses are  going to need to double down on Facebook advertising going into 2016. It will be crucial for someone in every company to learn the in's and out's of using the platform to extend their reach and engage not only new customers, but their current ones as well.

Earlier this Fall at PartnerCon 2015 this quote was uttered on stage:​

"We believe Facebook advertising is the future of small business." -


​That is a powerful statement and businesses that are not on board with Facebook Ads are on notice.  So in 2016 make sure you don't miss the best posts on generating massive ROI with Facebook.

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There were thousands of blog posts about Facebook ads this year, feel free to give a shout out to some of your favorites in the comments below.

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