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Discover and target your businesses' best potential customers and turn them into leads with a complete done for you Facebook Lead Funnel Campaign from Sellable Traffic.

STOP Wasting Time and Money On Sending the Wrong Ad to The Wrong People!

Have you heard that Facebook advertising is essential for marketing your business, but don't have time to learn it all and set it up?  Tried Facebook Ads and feel like you are just throwing money away?  

You wouldn't launch a TV, radio, or print ad campaign yourself, so why try to set up a complicated Facebook AD campaign yourself? The key to running profitable and efficient Facebook Ads is targeting, tracking and optimizing....daily.  You need to be able to leverage the Facebook platform to find and target the right audience for your message, and track the results so you make sure you are not wasting your hard earned money.​

To do this you need to learn the in's and outs of the platform, from setting up custom audiences, installing tracking pixles, creating custom conversions, design the ads, split test ad copy and images, and track the results everyday.​

If you have the time and patience to do all that, awesome! If not, let us help.​

Complete Strategic Customer Acquisition 

Carefully crafted front-to-back campaigns designed to get the most out of every ad dollar.

Audience Creation and Targeting

Using your existing customer data and website traffic we will create targeted Facebook audiences that are most likely to convert to leads.

Tracking and Follow Up

We will install the Facebook customer audience pixel and set up conversion tracking on all landing pages to track ROI and setup re-targeting ads.

Ad Creation and Testing

We will write the ad copy and design ad images for your campaigns, and split test multiple ad formats to get the best cost per lead possible.

Audience Creation and Targeting

If you are the type of business owner that likes wasting money, set up a Facebook ad, pick your daily budget and just let it run, to everyone, everywhere, on Facebook.

The reason Facebook ads are one of the best online marketing platforms for small business is the ability to target. Facebook has an incredible amount of data on its users, and it gives advertisers access to that data in order to create ads that are super relevant to the user base.

When we first start up your campaign we will use your own customer data; email lists, Fan page likes, and eventually your website traffic to create audiences that are already interested in your products and services.

We will also use that data to create what is called a Lookalike audience, which are people that Facebook has determined have the same demographics, interests, and browsing behaviors ​as your current customers and website visitors.

These types of audiences will be the base of the ad campaigns that we create for you. As we go forward we will learn more about the types of people who are interested an engage with your offer​ and from there we can create more audiences to target using interest and behavior targeting to scale our efforts and find new customers.

  • Gather information on your business and customers
  • Design your lead campaign
  • Target existing audience
  • Created lookalike audience to prospect for new leads
  • Target new prospects by interest and web behavior 

Tracking and Follow Up

This is where the ROI is really made. Too many businesses throw up an ad, and maybe they get the right targeting but they do not set up a way to track their results and see exactly how the ads are performing.

Facebook gives us the tools to do this, 2 tools actually, the custom audience pixel and the conversion pixel. We will install both on your site so we can start creating even more targeted custom audiences that we can then remarket to down the line with other relevant ads.

It has been said the website retargeting is as essential for business as having a website. Most of the people that go to your website don't complete an action, like sign up for your email list or buy a product. Stop letting these people go. By setting up the Facebook custom audience pixel we will be able to target visitors after they leave your site so we can continue to market to them and get them back into your funnel.

The next part of the tracking is seeing our conversions. We will set up a custom conversion specific to the ad campaign so we will know exactly how effective your ad campaign is. This is what will help us determine your average cost per lead, which is the most important metric t running profitable Facebook ad campaigns

  • We will install your facebook custom audience pixel on your site
  • Set up custom conversions to track opt-ins and cost per lead
  • create retargeting audience to re-capture lost visitors
  • Help optimize your landing page and thank you page for tracking conversions

Ad Creation and Testing

​Never worry about developing clever ad copy or ad images again. Our team will research your ideal customer and your business to write compelling ad copy that will draw  your prospects in and get them to click through to your site.

However we don't just create 1 ad and see how it does, we create at least 3 different ads for each campaign to test, different copy styles, images, ect. Once we find a winner we will refine our test and develop at least 2 different ad formats that we know will work for your business.

We let each ad set run for 2 weeks then use the data to adjust and test different ads, this gives us enough data to make informed decisions about your campaigns. This is really where the value of having a dedicated team  focused on managing your ads to get your the best ROI and lowest cost per lead possible.

  • We will write high converting ad copy to draw  in your prospects
  • We will design custom images that resonate with your audience 
  • We will test different ad formats, copy and images to find the best performing combination.
  • We constantly monitor your ads daily and make adjustments on the fly when needed

Facebook Ad Management Packages

Lead Booster

$25/day ad spend required

  • 2 Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Custom Audience set up
  • Conversion Pixel Setup
  • Weekly Reporting

$475 / month

or 20% of ad spend if higher

1 Month setup fee also required

Lead Machine

$50/day ad spend required

  • 4 Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Custom Audience Set Up
  • Conversion Pixel Setup
  • Weekly Reporting

$795 / month

or 20% of ad spend if higher

1 Month Set Up Fee Also Required

Lead Funnel System

$75/day ad spend required

  • 5 Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Custom Audience Set Up
  • Conversion Pixel Set Up
  • Landing Page Design and Optimization
  • Weekly Reporting

$1,495 / month

or 20% of ad spend if higher

1 month Setup Fee Required

Each campaign consists of 2 ad sets for audience testing and each ad set contains 3 different ads for testing images and copy.

Ads refreshed every 2 weeks using testing data.

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SellableTraffic is a boutique Facebook AD management company led by Jay Broyer. We help small businesses drive targeted, quality leads to their business using customized Facebook Ad campaigns.​

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